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Dead Sea Salt Organic Сornflower Flowers

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Professional 100% Pure Dead Sea Salt Bucket - Organic Сornflower  Essential Oil and Flowers – Anti-Aging, Skin Restoration, Improve Skin Tone, Acne Treatment, Dead Sea Salt For Eczema

  • PROMOTES YOUTHFUL SKIN: Dead Sea salt has rich minerals such as sodium, iron, calcium, potassium, chloride, and magnesium that help to reduce skin roughness which causes deep wrinkles. Research has proved Dead Sea salt bath minerals detoxify, moisturize and soften the skin making sure you have a younger and beautiful looking skin.
  • SKIN DETOXIFYING: Mineral Dead Sea salt has excellent detoxifying and disinfectant capabilities which purify the skin by removing all unwanted dead cells, germs, dirt and stale sebum which if left to accumulate causes acne, whiteheads and blackheads. People with acne and oily skin stand to gain immense skin care benefits.
  • DEEPLY HYDRATING: Using Dead Sea salt for bathing helps to boost skin hydration and reduces roughness and redness of the skin. Dead Sea salt for bath also enhances the skin barrier which reduces dryness of the skin. The high magnesium content found in Dead Sea salt binds to water which improves skin permeability and absorption. Well-Hydrated skin is beneficial to good skin health and preventing a myriad of skin conditions.
  • TREATS DANDRUFF: This Dead Sea salt is effective for hair treatment because it has sodium and sulfur which helps to thoroughly clean the scalp and fight off an overgrowth of yeast which is known to cause dandruff. Dead Sea salts organic minerals also help to treat seborrhea and scalp psoriasis as well as improve the quality of hair.


How to use:



• dissolve 300 g of salt in 1000 ml of warm water
• prepare a bath with 37-38°С water and add the salt solution 
• immerse in the salt bath for 15-20 minutes.
• after the procedure shower without soap, apply the Seven species multi-purpose cream and relax under a blanked for at least 30 min.


• dissolve 150 g of salt in 1000 ml of warm water
• soak a soft sponge in the salt solution, rub the body 10-15 minutes.
• after the procedure shower with warm water, apply the Seven species multi-purpose cream and rest
• the procedure effect is equivalent to salt bath.


The peeling is enriched with a granulated Dead Sea salt. 
• mix granulated salt with a shower gel
• massage the mixture with soft movements in a wet skin for 20-30 min.
• after the massage shower without soap, make a light massage by applying the Seven species multi-purpose cream and relax under a blanked for 15-20 min.


• dissolve 20 g of salt in 200 ml of warm water
• soak a folded gauze or another well absorbing cloth into the solution
• apply on the damaged skin for 20 min., wrap in polythene.
• after removing the compress, rinse the treated area in running water, dry and apply the Seven species multi-purpose cream.


(recommended together with manicure)
• dissolve 40 g of salt in 500 ml of warm water
• immerse hands for 15-20 min.
• after the procedure dry the hands and apply Lemongrass Hand Peeling Cream, massage hands for 5 minutes, rinse and apply hand cream (Treatment Hand and Nail Cream with Dead Sea minerals), make a light massage.


(recommended together with pedicure)
• dissolve salt in a proportion of 50 g of salt in 5 litres of warm water
• immerse feet for 15-20 min.
• after the procedure dry the feet, apply massage with Yofi Foot salt scrub, apply Foot mask, rinse and apply cream (Foot Treatment Cream with Dead Sea minerals), make a light massage.

Active Ingredients:
Dead Sea Minerals, Dead Sea Salt, Organic Сornflower Flowers Oil



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