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Muscles Oil


Muscles Oil by Yofing is intended for muscle relief and has fat burning, metabolism accelerating, anti-cellulite, pain relief, spasmolytic, regenerating, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. It is intended for athletes who want to improve the appearance of the muscular structure of their body and emphasize the definition of muscles; the oil is effective during the shredding period.

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Muscles Oil by Yofing is intended for muscle relief and has fat burning, metabolism accelerating, anti-cellulite, pain relief, spasmolytic, regenerating, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. It is intended for athletes who want to improve the appearance of the muscular structure of their body and emphasize the definition of muscles; the oil is effective during the shredding period.

Weight loss (shredding) is very important for building beautiful muscles.  Since it contributes to the reduction of fat mass and discharge of extra fluid from the body, it gives the muscles the natural definition. Undoubtedly, the shredding process consists of workouts, proper diet and a strict daily routine. Muscles Oil works as an additional solution, helping to burn subcutaneous fat from the outside, simply by applying the product to the skin.

Muscles Oil consists of natural ingredients such as Dead Sea minerals, essential oils of sweet almond, jojoba, wheat germ, castor bean, lavender, thyme, grape seeds, wintergreen, cajeput tree and black pepper. It also contains caprylic acid and paprika extract. Due to its composition, the oil performs the following functions:

1. Promotes weight loss, burns subcutaneous fat.

2. Removes extra fluid from the intercellular space.

3. Effectively fights cellulite.

4. Rejuvenates, moisturizes and lifts the skin during the period of intense weight loss.

5. Eliminates stretch marks on the skin, which are formed with the growth of muscle mass or sudden weight fluctuations.

6. Reduces muscle pain (delayed onset muscle soreness) after intensive workouts.

7. Relieves pain and heals injuries: bruises, stretching, nerve entrapment.

8. Works as an effective auxiliary treatment for arthritis and arthrosis.

9. It is used as a complementary therapy in the treatment of inflammatory processes in tissues and muscles.

10. Heals the skin due to its bactericidal properties.


Sweet almond oil is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. It contains all the B group vitamins that are so beneficial to the skin; vitamin E, which has an antioxidant effect; and hard-to-find vitamin F, which narrows the expanded pores and regulates the secretion of sebum.  Almond oil also contains vitamin A, zinc, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium.

Due to its ingredients, sweet almond oil provides a moisturizing, rejuvenating and healing effect. It nicely softens the epidermis and skin coarseness, relieves muscle pain and is used for relaxing massages. Additionally, almond oil perfectly removes stretch marks, which appear with the active growth of muscle mass. Just rub the oil into your skin; you may feel a slight tingling.

Jojoba oil perfectly treats inflammation on the skin including, acne, rosacea, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, arthrosis and arthritis. It perfectly heals wounds and gout. This oil softens and treats psoriatic plaques and heals cracks on the lips, heels and feet. Due to its regenerating properties, this product absorbs stretch marks on the skin after intensive weight loss, removes cellulite and burns fat.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that provides an anti-aging effect on the epidermis by stimulating the division of new, healthy cells; it also normalizes the lipid balance of the skin, promotes moisture retention of the skin and heals ulcers and inflammations.

On top of it all, this vitamin is useful for the musculoskeletal system as it strengthens the ligaments and increases the mobility of the joints. 

Grape seed oil is rich in vitamin E (even more so than olive oil); macro- and microelements; all the B group vitamins; vitamin A, PP and C; fatty acids Omega-6 and Omega-9; phytoestrogens, flavonoids and chlorophyll; and rare antioxidants such as proanthocyanides and resveratrol.

Due to its components it provides a strong antioxidant, rejuvenating, regenerating and detoxifying effect. Grape seed oil:

– removes toxins and heavy metals from tissues;

– removes extra fluid from the intercellular space;

– burns fat;

– protects skin from cancer;

– moisturizes epidermis very deeply and for a long period of time;

– stimulates the secretion of collagen and elastin;

– smoothes wrinkles;

– treats small vessels, improves blood circulation and effectively fights couperose;

– regulates the secretion of sebum and has an astringent effect;

– heals inflammation and acne;

– absorbs scars on the skin, stretch marks and red dots after acne;

– and is used in the treatment of psoriasis. 

Wheat germ oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A, B, D, E, PP and lecithin. Due to its composition, it actively rejuvenates the skin, launches the processes of tissue regeneration and removes toxins and inflammations. Thanks to its regenerative properties, wheat germ oil is used to treat the striae that occurs with sudden fluctuations in weight and muscle mass growth. It also removes cellulite, promotes weight loss and can be used as a base oil for massage. 

Castor oil is extracted from castor beans. It is known for its emollient, nutritious, moisturizing effect. It contains ricinoleic, oleic and linoleic acids. Castor oil is effective in getting rid of wrinkles, freckles, pigment spots and warts; it moisturizes and nourishes the skin and treats acne. This oil moisturizes the superficial layers of the epidermis and promotes skin moisture retention. It also softens and smoothes very dry and thin skin.

Castor oil is used in the treatment and prevention of stretch marks. Additionally, it is invaluable for the treatment of inflammation in arthritis and arthrosis, as well as pain relief in joints and muscles.

Caprylic acid is a saturated fatty acid with fungicidal, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. It increases metabolism in tissues by contributing to fat burning and the removal of extra fluid. Also, caprylic acid influences androgen receptors and enhances the metabolism of testosterone.

Peppermint oil has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial healing effect on muscle, cartilaginous and connective tissues. When it is applied to the skin, it absorbs very well, penetrates deeply into the tissues and has an analgesic and relaxing effect. Moreover, it removes inflammation in muscles and ligaments in case of injuries, bruises or sprains.

Peppermint is very effective in mitigating the pain in the back and loins, whether from fibromyalgia, myofascial painful dysfunction, pain in the muscles of the body and face or headaches.

Peppermint oil relieves pain caused by arthritis, arthrosis, joint injuries as well as creates a local cooling effect. Homeopaths recommend using it in combination with lavender oil to treat psoriasis of the skin.

Mint triggers metabolism in tissues which contributes to weight loss and reduction of fat mass.

The narrow-leafed lavender oil is extracted by distillation of plant flowers; it has antiseptic, fungicidal and anti-inflammatory properties. It perfectly cures inflammations on the skin, relieves pain in muscles and joints and acts as an aspasmolysant. Lavender oil is also a good sedative, which perfectly eliminates back pain and is effective in lumbago and neuralgia.

Cajeput oil rarely occurs in our latitudes. It is extracted from branches and leaves of cajeput trees, which grow in Malaysia and in some regions of Australia. It is a strong natural analgesic and also has antiseptic and regenerating properties. When rubbed into the skin, it is well absorbed and has a local analgesic, bactericidal, wound-healing effect. Due to its properties, it is used to treat injuries, small wounds, psoriatic lesions of the skin and joints, neuralgia, arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism and gout.

The oil of wintergreen contains two components that very rarely occur in nature: methyl salicylate and haulteriline. They both act like aspirin, relieving pain. In addition, the oil of wintergreen promotes blood circulation, stimulates oxygen flow in the skin and muscles, eliminates inflammation and swelling, removes extra fluid and helps promote weight loss. It is used for toning of the epidermis and muscles and also for the treatment of various injuries as a local analgesic.

The oil of leaves and flowers of thyme has a tonic, anti-inflammatory and anti-edema reaction. It is used for the prevention of inflammatory processes in the epidermis and rejuvenation and healing of the skin. Despite the tonic effect, thyme is also a good natural spasmolytic, so it can be used in relieving cramps and muscle pain.

Paprika extract contains myristic, oleic, stearic and palmitic fatty acids, as well as such useful substances as capsantine, carotene and capsorubin. When applying paprika on the body, it increases blood circulation, promotes the flow of oxygen to the tissues and burns subcutaneous fat. These properties help to improve metabolism, rejuvenate the skin and provide additional nutrition to the connective tissue and the superficial muscle layers.

Black pepper oil has a very rich composition. It contains beta-bisabolene, alpha-bergamotene, camphene, linalool, pinocarveol, myrcene, sabinene and other sesquiterpene hydrocarbons. Black pepper helps with arthritis, arthrosis, myalgia, rheumatism, gout, pinched nerves and sprains. It has a warming and relaxing effect and its ability to increase blood circulation helps to remove extra fluid from the intercellular space.


Apply to the body after showering at the end of the workout. Apply a small dot and spread on the surface of the skin by massaging for complete absorption.



















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