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Beauty Lust: How to Moisturize Your Hair

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If you could just wet your hair and it would absorb all the moisture on its own, life would immediately play out in bright colors. Moisture is essential for smoothness, elasticity, shine, and even volume. Without moisture, hair can look like a loofah. 

Why hair needs regular moisturizing

Hair needs moisturizing at any time of the year - in summer they suffer from the sun, wind and salty sea water, in winter - from dry air and heating. Add to this regular styling with a flat iron or curling iron, blow drying, bleaching - and there it is, dryness. Adverse environmental factors contribute to loosening of the cuticle, and as a result the evaporation of moisture from the hair shaft is accelerated. The goal of home care is to restore moisture levels and restore the cuticle's ability to retain moisture inside.

The quality and beauty of our hair is in our hands, regular home treatments will make up for the lack of moisture. The difference between dry lifeless curls and moisturized - shiny, supple and dense - is enormous. But moisture isn't just for aesthetic reasons. The constant lack of moisture makes hair more sensitive and less resistant to damage.

This is interesting! Dryness and dehydration are two different hair conditions, indistinguishable visually. Dryness is more often a congenital condition, and it is associated with insufficient production of sebum by the sebaceous glands of the head. Curls are also usually dry because their cuticle is "fluffy" by nature. Dehydration is a consequence of external factors, a temporary and quite reversible condition. 

Which hair especially needs moisturizing

  • Dry climate of the region, dry air in the rooms where you live and work;The adverse weather conditions, temperature fluctuations;
  • Exposure to direct sunlight, seawater, and frequent visits to the pool;
  • Certain home and salon procedures (dyeing and bleaching, perming, chemical straightening);
  • Use of hair dryers and heating devices without thermal protection, hot damp hair styling;
  • Care mistakes and incorrectly selected cosmetic products;
  • Tight headgear, wearing synthetic fabrics.

The list could go on and on, because every day we are faced with dozens of external factors that cause moisture to evaporate. And this problem is especially true for fine, curly or damaged hair.

How and what to moisturize your hair at home

What does a successful treatment consist of? First of all, make sure you have two steps - cleansing and moisturizing. It is important to use hair conditioners or conditioner after each wash. We invite you to learn how to moisturize your hair at home and what you can do to permanently eliminate dehydration.

First of all, it is worth monitoring the level of humidity in the room and the regular supply of fresh air. Air conditioners and heaters, if they are not part of a comprehensive climate control system, do not create the most favorable environment for hair and skin, but air humidifiers certainly do not hurt.

Secondly, it is time to reconsider cosmetic care in favor of products with glycerin, hyaluronic acid, aloe extract and, of course, light oils or silicones - they are responsible for moisture retention. This is always the right answer to the question of how to deeply moisturize very dry hair. The anti-dryness range will moisturize not only the hair, but also the scalp, which is very important for owners of dehydrated epidermis.


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