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Autumn skin care: what to pay attention to

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What skin care is relevant for this season? 

Autumn and winter colds, sudden changes in temperature when you go indoors or outdoors, and wind are all stressful for the skin. It makes the skin more sensitive and less protected. How does this manifest itself?

  • Its sensitivity increases.
  • A tendency to irritation and redness appears or increases.
  • Dryness and dehydration can occur.
  • The skin loses its natural glow and even tone.
  • The skin becomes rough to the point of flaking.

These manifestations can indicate a weakening of the skin's protective barrier. In fact, it needs to be reinforced on a regular basis. Given the constancy of various adverse factors, overdoing it in this matter is simply not possible.

Proper skin care in autumn

Step 1: A gentle cleanser

This is probably the most important thing you can do for your skin. During fall and winter, a milder cleanser is needed. If you find that your summer cleanser feels too harsh, choose one that leaves your skin moisturized even after cleansing.

Step 2: Exfoliate

Sun and tan lovers may enter the fall season with memories of summer sun and pool games on their face in the form of age spots. In addition, the skin may look dull and gray. That's why we recommend looking into a procedure like exfoliation, because it's the best way to minimize the appearance of dark spots, smooth out the relief and improve skin tone.

Step 3: Don't forget toning

While more refreshing toners work great in the summer, in the fall and winter you need extra hydration to help counteract the loss of moisture during the day due to dry air. Whatever toner you choose, don't use alcohol-based ones, as alcohol dries out your skin.

Step 4: Change your moisturizer

Since we tend to sweat more in the summer, it's better if the moisturizer is a lighter texture so it doesn't clog pores. In the fall, low temperatures make the air drier, so without regular use of a cream, our skin can look dry and dull. A rich daily moisturizer will not only deliver moisture to dehydrated skin, but it will also create a protective barrier between the epidermis and harsh outside factors like cold wind and snow.

Step 5: Don't forget the eye area

This delicate skin also requires more moisture during the fall and winter. So if you haven't used cream in the summer, start using it now to retain moisture on these windy days.

The best skin care products for fall

NOURISHING CREAM is helps to nourish and restore skin’s dewiness while diminishing the appearance of post-blemish and post-sun discoloration.


  • CLEAR & SMOOTH SKIN: Clear Skin Wash helps reduce pores and breakouts while gently cleansing away dirt, excess oil, and makeup to provide you with clear and smooth skin.
  • HYDRATING FORMULA: Dead Sea Facial Cleanser made using Squalene Oil & Amino Acids, it gently hydrates your skin and locks the moisture in place while cleaning any bacteria on the skin.
  • MOISTURIZING & NOURISHING: Olive Oil Cream is formulated based on Plant-Derived Squalane and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is a natural moisturizer.
  • SQUALANE OIL CREAM: nourishes and restores moisture skin, helps smooth fine lines, the skin receives a healthy, velvety, flexible and glowing look.
  • RELIABLE & SAFE TO USE: We provide with anti-acne and skin cleansing products that aren’t just potent and fast acting but also completely safe to use


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