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Strong beautiful hair with Yofing every day!

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Yofing Shampoo For Hair Growth And Strengthening With Castor Oil And Hemp Oil - a tool that provides excellent strengthening, prevents excessive brittleness. A thoughtful composition improves hair growth, helps in the fight against split ends. Returns natural shine, effectively protects from streams of hot air. The strands are smooth and silky again. The composition of Omega-9 fatty acids, which are responsible for the health of strands. Hair growth shampoo provides a gentle cleansing of the scalp and hair, making it a great option for daily care. Perfectly moisturizes and nourishes curls, saturating them from root to tip.

  • Healthy and strong. The strands become strong, shine with life and radiate energy. Moisturizing shampoo helps fight brittleness, increases the elasticity of strands. It nourishes them and eliminates split ends.
  • Improving growth and radiance. As part of hemp oil, aimed at stimulating hair growth. Soft and shiny as before. It removes dryness and dullness, perfectly restores after exposure to hot air.
  • Smooth and soft. Naughty curls, become smooth, silky. As a result of regular use, you will get live strands shining with beauty.
  • For daily use. Special formula designed for daily care. Strengthening shampoo perfectly cleanses and gives a feeling of freshness. Moisturized and nourished hair every day.

An effective form for strengthening and growing curls

Castor oil

Helps in the fight against dryness, saturates the strands with an optimal level of moisture. Restores hair damaged by heat treatment. Effective in the fight against split ends. As a result of use, the curls are obedient, smooth, straight.

Hemp oil

Nourishes and moisturizes curls, returning them elasticity and strength. As a result, they become less brittle and prone to exhaustion. They are brilliant and beautiful. Hemp oil restores the structure of rods damaged after the negative effects of hot air and staining.


The omega-9 is responsible for the health of the strands in the composition. Helps saturate them with the necessary substances to restore natural beauty. Hair becomes more elastic, no longer brittle.


The composition is enriched with a complex of vitamins aimed at restoring and improving elasticity. The strands are healthy and soft again, they shine with natural beauty.

Application method:

Apply a sufficient amount to damp hair. Spread it along the length. Leave for 1-2 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

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